The Odds against Us

To run a business, you need a comparative advantage against your competitors. Same goes for the business in trading/investing.

What is your edge over the market? Are you equally good or even better than the professionals? What are we good at? Fundamental analysis? Technical Analysis? Sector Rotation? Macro? etc etc..

or do you just rely on HOPE that the next trade be a winning one?


So Why Bother?

when it sounds like we are doom to fail? Of course, we invest for a better financial standing. Inflation is easily 5% these days, COEs at all time high, and housing price is increasing unaffordable.

We don’t have a choice! Holding cash will erode, and we are being force to do something with our money….


You need an Edge!!

We are not professional, just the man in the streets, with our day jobs, trying to make a better living. How can we get an edge vs the market?

Since we can’t beat the professional in knowledge, speed and support, we believe in searching for a trading system based on simple investment strategies to get our edge over the market.

This site will attempt to document our search for these these system and strategies and attempts to share the success/flaws within each.


More than Just The Edge

We won’t only just share our trades/strategies for sharing. Success in trading is more than just picking out the correct stock to buy/sell.

Other aspect, like capital control, risk management and trading psychology are equally important.

We want to use the MOST REALISTIC way to track our performance. We will do so through a “my investable funds style” where we start out with ‘X” amount of capital and monitor the possible drawdowns, returns, trading size and etc.

This is likely the actual performance, the closest possible to “as good as what you will get” if you really put your hard earn cash into the market.


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